TayPEOLC Education


  • To support the development of a Health and Social Care workforce which is able to deliver high quality palliative care to all those that need it, regardless of a diagnosis or place of care
  • To lead and support the planning and development of integrated palliative care education provision across Tayside

Group Leads:

Libby Cahir: Macmillan Palliative Care  Practice Educator 
Anne Kelly, Specialty Doctor in Clinical Education for Palliative Care, NHS Tayside

Fiona McFatter, Consultant in Palliative Medicine/Undergraduate Teaching Lead for Palliative Medicine, NHS Tayside




  • To facilitate a co-ordinated approach to palliative care education
  • To act as an information resource on area wide and national initiatives related to palliative care
  • Act as a Forum for sharing and exchange of information on palliative care education and collaboration of specific projects
  • Remain responsive to geographical diversity in regard to education provision across the regions of Tayside 

Useful links related to PEOLC Education

Tayside Palliative Care Education Programme 2020 Provided by Specialist Palliative Care Services:

Perth & Kinross Palliatice Care Education Project:

The aim of the 23 month palliative care education project is, by taking an integrated and collaborative approach,  to support the development of a health and social care services workforce in Perth and Kinross who are knowledgeable and skilled in the provision of palliative and end of life care. This includes the validated edcuational approach Called project ECHO (Enhancing Community Health Outcomes) which links groups using video-technology and forms networks of learners.
Project ECHO is a hub and spoke model which develops knowledge-sharing networks with a specific focus, in this case palliative and end of life care.  It uses tele-mentoring and support to enable community providers to deliver speciality care and improve outcomesProject ECHO has been used successfully throughout the world to disseminate and share knowledge and expertise across many healthcare disciplines. The edcuation team in Cornhill Macmillan Centre habe now been trained and are at the eraly stages of implementation. Please click on this link for the latest newsletter: Project Update for Stakeholders 2019 October (1).docx

NES SSSC Enriching and Improving Experience Framework:  

'Informed about palliative and end of life care' (NHS Education for Scotland, 2018)

This is an introductory learning resource for anyone who comes into contact with people who need palliative and end of life care, their families, and carers. It is made of a mixture of reading and learning activities that can be applied to any work setting, and is divided into five main sections : fundamental in palliative care; communication and conversations; loss, grief and bereavement; care planning and delivery; and care in the last days of life. This learning resource is based on the knowledge statements at the 'Informed' level of the 'Palliative and end of life care : enriching and improving experience' learning framework developed by NHS Education for Scotland and Scottish Social Services Council. 

Further information: