Who We Are:

Chair TayPEOLC Network 

Danny Smith, Lead GP Perth & Kinross HSCP  

Chair TayPEOLC MCN Steering Group

Shirley Kelly, Macmillan Lead Palliative Care Pharmacist, NHS Tayside

Shirley Kelly

Co-Chair TayPEOLC MCN Steering Group

Lindsey Bailie, South Locality Manager, Perth & Kinross HSCP


Deans Buchanan, Consultant in Palliative Medicine/Lead Clinican, NHS Tayside

Deans Buchanan

Co-Lead TayPEOLC MCN /Co-Lead End of Life Care Subgroup

Susan Whyte, Primary Care Macmillan Lead GP, NHS Tayside 

Co-Lead TayPEOLC MCN /Co-Lead End of Life Care Subgroup and Research Subgroup 

Patricia Brooks Young, Macmillan Nurse Consultant in Palliative & End of Life Care, Tayside

Co-Leads TayPEOLC MCN Data & Audit Subgroup

Elinor Brabin, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, NHS Tayside 

Lynsey Webster, Senior Officer-Strategy, Performance and Support Services, Dundee HSCP

Co-Leads TayPEOLC Education Subgroup

Marion Gaffney, Macmillan Palliative Care Palliative Educator, Dundee HSCP

Anne Kelly, Speciality Doctor in Clinical Education for Palliative Care, NHS Tayside

Fiona McFatter, Consultant in Palliative Medicine/Undergarduate Teaching lead for Palliative Medicine, NHS Tayside

Co-Leads TayPEOLC MCN Research Subgroup

Deborah Baldie, Senior Nurse, Practice Development/Research Fellow, NHS Tayside

Fiona MacCormick, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Roxburghe House, Dundee

Sarah Mills, General Practitioner/Academic Fellow, University of Dundee

Sarah Mills

Judith Sixsmith, Professor of Health Related Research, University of Dundee

Iona Philp, TayPEOLC MCN Network Manager, NHS Tayside

Sharon McCabe, TayPEOLC Admin. Support, NHS Tayside