Our Mission

AHSP brings together the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside to improve the health of the population in Tayside and beyond through advancement of health research, education of healthcare professionals and improved quality & safety of healthcare services.
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About Research

TASC provides medical research support services for local researchers and industry partners. TASC does this by 1) Streamlining both clinical research governance systems and the facilitation of medical trial start up 2) Providing the necessary infrastructure to enable and facilitate the conduct of high quality clinical research 3) Developing and building research capacity within the medical research community and 4) Actively promoting research excellence and engaging with academia, industry, patients and the public.
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About Education & Lifelong Learning

The AHSP Education and Lifelong Learning Workstream aims to promote a person-centred learning environment across all aspects of healthcare and healthcare education and will work to improve patient experience and outcomes through engagement with education.
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About Quality Improvement & Safety

AHSP Quality and Safety Workstream aims to ensure that healthcare provision is carried out to the highest possible standards, using proven methodology of healthcare quality improvement to create an environment where all staff work to standards of care that ensure efficient use of resources, and maximum patient benefit and safety.
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