PEOLC Projects

The TayPEOLC MCN is engaged in supporting a number of local and national palliative & end of life care projects:

These include:



The MCN has recently begun a piece of collaborative work with colleagues in Perth & Kinross HSCP (led by Emma Oram, Learning and Development Officer , Perth and Kinross Council) as part of the Truacanta Project . This is a new Scottish Parternship for Palliative Care (SPPC) initiative to support local communities across Scotland who are interested in taking action to improve people's experiences of death, dying , loss and care. Perth & Kinross was one of 11 shortlisted Truacanta 'communities' and it has recently been announced that our application has been successful. Discussions are underway with colleagues in education and children's services in in Perth & Kinross Council around the MCN proposal which is to work with primary school children to capture their imagination in creating artwork around loss and grief, thinking about how some people are not going to get better, and what this means to them. Through the children’s pictures and words, the aim is to promote human relational care and practical kindness as a key asset in compassionate communities. The artwork can then become a resource to be shared widely for people who have been bereaved. This blog provides further information about this and the other project ideas which will form part of this work':



Truacanta wings:

These ‘selfie wings’ have been  designed by some PKAVS young carers and have been installed in the North Inch Park in the centre of Perth, which is an open space to allow for social distancing. The ‘selfie wings’ form part of the Recovery Week being hosted by the Perth & Kinross drug and alcohol team – the wings represent renewal and recovery.

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'To Absent Friends' Perthshire

 An important aspect of the Truacanta application process was to engage with local communities about our ideas for the project and also importantly to hear from them what they felt it would be good to focus on.  'To Absent Friends' Perthshire was held on November 15th 2019, in the Perth Civic Hall.

This was a community event, connecting people in Perthshire through shared experiences and stories. There was an exhibition celebrating traditions, photographs, music and poetry of remembrance. Members of the public were invited to pop in for some tea and cake and share memories of someone who is no longer with us and whose life they wanted to celebrate.




Dundee Palliative and End of Life Care Dementia Project (Nov 2017- Nov 2019) 

Dundee is one of a number of sites working with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) ihub to support the implementation of The Scottish Government’s Strategic Framework for Action on Palliative and End of Life Care which states that everyone who needs palliative care will have access to it by 2021. Their intention was to test the Alzheimer Scotland’s Advanced Dementia Practice Model of Palliative and End of Life Care for people with dementia living in care homes. The model provides a framework so that the care and support given to people with advanced dementia and at the end of life is integrated and comprehensive. Two Care Homes in Dundee took part in the project.  

In addition to these core components for testing the overarching intervention that captured the individual’s wishes was Anticipatory Care Planning and the mechanism to ensure these focussed coordinated conversations about what matters to the person occurred, are reviewed and shared across multiagency services involved to reduce the potential for poor care experiences.


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Macmillan Building on the Best Programme

A joint project by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care, NHS Boards and Macmillan, Building on the Best is a programme which aims to bring health professionals, patients, carers and families together to improve how hospitals support people who may be approaching the end of their life.Aimprove how hospitals support people who may be approaching the end of their life.


Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care (SNAPC)

The Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care (SNAPC) connects hospital palliative care teams across Scotland to share learning, provide support and facilitate collaboration on issues of common interest.  It is part of the Building on the Best project.

Developing an Action Care Plan for the Adult Palliative & End of Life Plan, Angus Health & Social Care Patnership 

This plan reflects some of what is already delivered and underway in Angus and helps to concentrate on areas which need to be developed further. An evolving and collaborative Action Plan is being developed that describes how and when the improvements linked to the themes in the plan will be delivered and how this has  made a difference.