TayPEOLC End of Life Care


To work in partnership, with all those who are involved with caring for those who are living with advanced illness, those who are moving in to the last weeks and days of life and those who are dying so that they have the care they need, when and where they need it. This includes care delivered in all settings and the support of families and carers.


Susan Whyte, Primary Care Macmillan Lead GP, NHS Tayside 

Patricia Brooks Young, MacMillan Nurse Consultant for Palliative & End of Life Care, Tayside


  • Identifying and supporting selected projects brought to the group
  • Ensuring close integration of work with colleagues in health, social care, the independent and voluntary sector
  • Facilitate the sharing of learning from projects with colleagues in Tayside and more widely as appropriate

Terms of Reference:

Terms of Reference - End of Life Care Group -Final v1.4.- updated 050919.pdf


Useful Links:

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Other documents and work from Tayside:

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