Presentations from Events/Workshops & MCN Event Reports

‘Community Palliative Care: Wholly holistic or more to do?’ ‚ÄčTayside Palliative Care Conference, 29th Aug 2019

TayPEOLC MCN Network & Engagement Event - Compassion in Practice- 1st May 2019

TayPEOLC MCN Presentation .pptx - Graham Kramer

2- Compassion in Practice- Patrick.pptx - Patrick Sullivan

3- Care Opinion - Andrew.pptx - Andrew Cassidy 

1- Compassionate Leadership - Grant Archibald.pptx - Grant Archibald

Values Based Reflective Practice PEOLC MCN-2.pptx - David Gordon

Values Based Reflective Practice Tools.pptx


Network & Engagement Event 2019 report

TayPEOLC MCN Network and Engagement Event (2019) Report.pdf


Presentations from Previous Events

Living and Dying with Dementia 23.03.18.pptx   

Spinal Analgesia 17.04.18.pptx  

Palliative Care in Prisons 09.05.09.pptx

Palliative Care in Prisons - References and Interesting Reading (1).docx

Providing hospice care for prisoners April 2018 - Tayside (4).pptx


TayPEOLC MCN Network & Engagement Event 31st August 2018

TayPEOLC Network & Engagement Event 310818 - All Presentations.pptx

TayPEOLC Network Event 310818 - Discussion Session Report.pdf


Perspectives in Palliative Care - Non Cancer Palliative Care Workshop 25th Feb 2019 

Respiratory.pptx : Neil Lonie

TayPEOLC MCN Presentation Parkinson's.pptx : Lorna Gillies

TayPEOLC MCN MND Presentation.pptx : Carolyn Webber/Gillian Craig

frailty and perspectives in pall care.pptx : Jacqueline Thomson

25th FEB LD presentation.ppt : Karen Laing

Feb 2019 - opening talk for non-cancer subgroup TayPEOLC MCN.pptx - Claire Douglas

TayPEOLC MCN PresentationAnonaCranston.pptx - Anona Cranston

palliative care non cancer final.pptx - Trudy McLeay

‚Äčmnd story palliative care.docx - Trudy McLeay

PEOLC in Dementia for MCN Presentation to share.pptx - Katharine Thompson