Quality Assurance

A Quality Management System (QMS) has been established within TASC.  The QMS defines what people, procedures and documents are to be used in order to carry out clinical research in a consistent manner with traceability and record keeping.  The TASC QMS includes TASC policies, TASC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), templates and staff training records.

A programme of internal Good Clinical Practice (GCP) audits, managed by the TASC Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, with which all collaborators are required to comply, is in place.   

Whilst TASC will have oversight, research staff are expected to accept individual responsibility for the quality of their work and for following TASC SOPs, TASC policies and regulatory guidelines.

The TASC Research Governance Committee is responsible for oversight of TASC policies and the TASC Clinical Research Guidelines Committee is tasked with the development, review and approval of TASC SOPs for clinical research sponsored by University of Dundee and/or NHS Tayside.  The TASC QA Manager reports to both committees.

Contact: Dr Valerie Godfrey TASC QA Manager