Clinical Research Centre

The latest addition to medical and scientific excellence in Dundee, and a fine way to celebrate 60 years of the NHS.

In that spirit, this Clinical Research Centre represents an exceptional collaboration between the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside made possible with strong support from the Scottish Government, particularly the Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Enterprise and the Souter Foundation.

What is Clinical Research Centre - Tayside?

Clinical Research Centre - Tayside is a state of the art clinical research facility, providing space, equipment and staff to support our researchers and industry partners in delivering high quality clinical research in Tayside.

What is the Clinical Research Centre for?

It is a hub for clinical trial activity, with links to satellite units elsewhere in Tayside, Fife and Perth. We aim to conduct studies focusing on cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neuroscience - aiming for prevention, earlier diagnosis and improved treatments for these diseases. This CRC positions Dundee centrally in the Scottish clinical and research network for these conditions, including the SINAPSE network for neurosciences.

In the imaging suites on the lower floor, there is a sophisticated 3T MRI scanner, a donation by the Souter Foundation, and space for the recently announced, Scottish Government funded PET/CT scanner. A unique feature of the suite is an operating room situated between the MRI and PET/CT scanners, which allows patient access to these scanners before, during or after their surgery.

More important than the building and facilities, stunning though they are, are the people who have given so much to establish this CRC, the public, patients who have been helping us road test this CRC and of course the staff. There is a very long list of people who have been essential in bringing this CRC to fruition over the last five years: thank you so much for your support.