For the Public

What can I expect when participating in a clinical trial?  

What should I bring with me?

Remember to bring your appointment letter and a list of current medications.
If you are having a long visit, e.g. a few hours,  then you can bring in something to help pass the time such as books, laptop or music player.  Each long-stay room in the Clinical Research Centre has it’s own television which you can watch. The research team will advise you if there are any study specific requirements.

What should I wear?

Generally we suggest wearing loose fitting, comfortable clothes.  If there are any special requirements then the research team will advise in advance.

Will I need to fast for my appointment?

This will depend on the clinical study.  The research team will inform you prior to the visit.  

Should I bring my own lunch for longer visits?

No. This will be provided for you along with all other refreshments.  Please let us know in advance of any special dietary requirements.

Are mobile phones allowed at the Clinical Research Centre?

Yes, mobile phones can be used at the Clinical Research Centre.  There are times, however, when specialist equipment is used as part of the study which may be affected by a mobile phone signal and therefore the phone should be switched off.  Please check with a member of the study team.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me to appointments?

Of course. You can also have visitors for long visits. Remember that if your visitors are coming by car then they will need to book parking.  This can normally be done on the day of your appointment.