For Researchers

What is the Clinical Research Centre (CRC)?

The Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is a joint development between the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside and is located adjacent to Ninewells Hospital.  We have a state of the art facility with three floors, two of which are occupied by the CRC with the top floor being used for varying research specialties. Tayside already has a first class reputation in biomedical research and the CRC hopes to add to this with this dedicated research centre.

Facility Design

The overall design of the facility is focused on the needs of the patient and the researcher.  Our imaging suite has a world wide unique design that includes an advanced 3T MRI imaging and a PET/CT facility (opening autumn 2009) with an operating theatre suite interposed between the two.

The CRC occupies Level 5 and Level 6 of the building.  It is a specialised unit designed, staffed, managed and equipped to act as a hub and to support researchers of all clinical professions and specialties. Our mission is to provide an environment and infrastructure which promotes high quality research both inside and outside the centre. Dundee University and Tayside already have a first class, worldwide reputation in biomedical research. The CRC facilitates local expertise and provides dedicated support for research.