Health Informatics Centre

The Health Informatics Centre (HIC) has received significant University and external investment and will expand to establish Dundee as one the UK’s leading institutes in Health, Social and Biomedical Informatics. The HIC Service will harness electronic health records in a bid to improve patient care and public health.

A consortium of six academic partners and NHS Scotland has recently been successful in becoming one of four, UK wide Farr Institutes of Health Informatics Research.  The Medical Research Council (MRC) and 9 other funding bodies have recognised the UK’s exceptional data resources and long tradition of excellence in eHealth informatics research, and the potential to rapidly translate academic strengths into benefits for patients and population health, locally, nationally and globally. The University of Dundee is the lead of the Scottish consortium and co-ordinator of the UK Network. The Farr Institute will act as a high profile interface between academia, the public, practice, policy and industry.

HIC Services will become a core component of Farr Dundee, bringing together the researchers and the providers of the data in one vibrant, interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence. Further investment from the University and other funding bodies, in addition to the core Farr funding, will enable the installation of a new High Performance Computing Infrastructure. A new software framework will be developed to enhance the current delivery of data and also to store and maintain huge data sets including genomic data and clinical images.

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