Hot Tips & FAQs

If you are receiving hot tip e-mails you have  been identified  as a member of a Trial Team for a study that is being returned to the MHRA, as part of the University of Dundee/NHS Tayside Dossier of CTIMP Trials.   Or you may have elected to join the TASC Hot Tips mailing list.

We are building a group e-mail list of all clinical researchers in Tayside. The reason for this, is so that we can send you Hot Tips about issues relating to clinical research that are important, from the point of view of GCP but also from the point of view of  future MHRA Inspections. We hope, from time to time, to send out  hot tip e-mails, and also use this e-mail list to alert you about SOP/Guideline Training Days and Open Days. If you feel that you have been inappropriately placed on this list, or if you do not wish to receive these hot tips, we would be grateful if you could let us know. Please note, if you choose not to receive these e-mails, but are involved in a Trial which is subject to future MHRA Inspections, that this Inspection is in fact a regulatory requirement and you are legally bound to attend any Inspection if summoned.
We really hope that you will find the e-mails of value.

We promise not to inundate you with information which you will not find helpful, and of course, feedback in this regard is very welcome. Our aim is to facilitate future MHRA Inspections and make it as painless as possible for the involved Trialists. If this e-mail is not appropriate to you or if you have any other concern,  do not participate in clinical research and do not wish to receive these Hot Tip e-mails please reply to with the subject 'Unsubscribe Hot Tips.' 

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