From Feasibility to Initiation

For all industry led studies the commercial team acts as an interface between commercial sponsors, the NHS and the University. There are currently two levels of service available to sponsors:

TASC Routine Service – As is service working to National Targets


TASC Fast Track Service – Enhanced start up times

The focus of NHS Scotland in recent years has been to improve timelines and processes to enable management approval to proceed with a study in the best possible time.  Accordingly, targets have been set and are being achieved in ensuring the best possible outcomes for sponsors.  Even with this improvement in place, it is recognised within TASC that for some projects a level of service over and above the standard is sometimes required.

These may be time sensitive projects whereby, for instance, a rapid progression through the approvals process might be needed in order that a study may start in line with seasonal disease incidence, or they may be a need for accelerated start up and approval to deliver a specific recruitment target.  Such situations require additional resource to interface with R&D and Study teams at site. TASC are now resourced to offer an enhanced, “fast track service” for such studies / projects.    This service guarantees the sponsor the services of an experienced Research Nurse Facilitator to speed up the Start Up and Approvals process, focussing on Site Recruitment Action Planning (SRAP) and to deliver early recruitment to the study. This is over and above the dedicated study team and attracts a premium at R&D Set Up fee and in the costing of study activity related to recruitment.

We have partners who are contractually engaged in this process and would urge any sponsors with projects which might benefit from this approach to discuss their needs with the Head of Business Development & commercial Research Services as early as possible.

For further information please click on the pdf icon below: 

 TASC Fast Track Service