The Habits of an Improver

The Habits of an Improver written by Lucas and Nacer (2015) and published by the Health Foundation, offers a way of viewing the field of improvement from the perspective of the men and women who deliver and co-produce care on the ground, the improvers on whom the NHS depends. It describes 15 habits which such individuals regularly deploy, grouped under five broad headings – learning, influencing, resilience, creativity and systems thinking.



Traditionally in quality improvement there has been a focus on tools for improvement work, in contrast this model focuses on an improvement culture and offers a framework to embed improvement as part of everyone’s role and not in addition to it.


Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer, recognised the importance of the habits of an improver in her Realistic Medicine Report 2015

"They are habits that we could all benefit from reviewing – identifying the ones we have already acquired, considering how they might be best applied within our work and deciding how we might begin to develop new habits to support our collective work on quality and systems improvement"


An Introduction to the Habits of an Improver Course

The Improvement Team is delivering a short course in Tayside which is designed to raise awareness of the Habits of an Improver and gives learners the opportunity to consider which of these habits may be a personal or team strength and which may be a potential area for improvement. Learners are supported to consider how these habits may be best applied in the workplace to support improvements in care and how these habits can be developed. 


Case Studies

Read about experiences of participants on this course and how they applied it to their work.


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 Further information about this course including how to request to book a place is available here