QI Learning Opportunities

There are a vast array of resources available to support learning and development for quality improvement. You can see an overview of those delivered or recommended by the Improvement Team in the graphic below followed by more information and links to individual learning opportunities. 



Foundation Level

The Habits of an Improver is a short course delivered in Tayside which is designed to raise awareness of the Habits of an Improver as described by Lucas and Nacer (2013). The course gives learners the opportunity to consider which of these habits may be a personal or team strength and which may be a potential area for improvement. Learners are supported to consider how these habits may be best applied in the workplace to support improvements in care and how these habits can be developed.


NES Q Zone provides information and resources to support people with experience at all levels of quality improvement to develop their knowledge. In the QI Zone you will be able to create and update your own personal learning record, keeping details about all your training and development in one place.


NES Scottish Improvement Foundation Skills (SIFS) Programme aims to support individuals to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to participate as members of improvement teams and contribute to testing, measuring and reporting on changes made. This foundation level programme is aimed at staff working in Health and Social Care who are or will be members of teams undertaking quality improvement initiatives. This is a programme of 7 sessions delivered entirely in a virtual learning environment. Please click on the link below for further information on the SIFS Programme.


Future Learn offers a diverse range of online courses that include Quality Improvement. Enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations.


Practitioner Level 

Tayside's Quality Improvement Programme ~ TQuIP is an Executively led programme designed to support staff in Tayside to work with their colleagues to coalesce around an improvement challenge being experienced in their area.  Applicants with support of their senior leaders organise themselves into small improvement teams whose membership could positively impact on the identified challenge. The programme draws on a range of theories and techniques to support individuals, teams and services through a journey of learning and improvement.


Quality Improvement Practicum is designed to walk health professionals and students through the process of conducting a local quality improvement project. You will need to register/log in to access materials.  All students and medical trainees can register free.


Open School has an extensive catalogue of online short courses which can help you to develop your knowledge and skills in quality improvement. If you want to access these courses you will need to  register/log in to access materials. All students and medical trainees can register free.


Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) offers QI connect sessions which are monthly webinars to link with international experts in Quality Improvement. The webinars are approximately once a month and can be accessed by clicking the link below and registering or alternatively can be viewed in the Improvement Academy by booking a place through the course planner here


Leader Level 

NES Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) Programme develops individuals who are in key roles to be able to design, develop and lead improvement initiatives, generate support for change and provide expert support and advice. ScIL is a highly interactive, participative programme that uses a blended learning approach. Participants apply learning to a workplace project over a 10-month programme.  Please click on the link below for further information on the ScIL Programme.


NES Scottish Coaching and Leading for Improvement (SCLIP) is a 3 month Quality Improvement learning programme that aims to develop individual Nurses, Midwives, Allied Healthcare Professionals (NMAHP) and Healthcare Scientists (HCS) working in a Leadership role who will coach and facilitate teams to deliver improvement and support achievement of improvement strategies within their organisation. Please click on the link below for further information on the SCLIP programme.


 NES Scottish Quality and Safety Fellowship aims to enhance the capacity of individuals for leadership in patient safety and quality improvement. it is open to healthcare staff that currently undertake clinical practice as well as staff in clinical professions who do not currently deliver hands-on care but do have a role in improving patient care or safety. The Fellowship is a 10 month programme of distance learning, coaching and focused residential seminars. Please click on the link below for further information on the Fellowship. quality-and-safety-sqs-fellowship-programme/recruitment



Academic Level

MSc Quality Improvement enables individuals to develop theoretical knowledge of quality improvement appraoches in health care, to facilitate the development of critical thinking and to utilise and apply such approaches within individual areas of practice. The programme is designed for a wide range of potential participants who are working in a culture of continuous improvement, including health and social care professionals, policy planners and those in managerial roles. For more information and to apply for this programme please click on the link below: