Improvement Internship

The Improvement team offers staff in Tayside the opportunity to undertake an Internship Programme as a means of further developing capacity, capability and confidence for quality improvement in Tayside. This is achieved through a programme of learning and development for the Intern and the completion of an improvement project in their Service.

A personal development plan is agreed with the Intern and their manager which focuses on developing quality improvement knowledge and skills. Interns are allocated a mentor from the Improvement team who supports both the implementation of the development plan and the progression of an improvement project.  


"I have the privilege of undertaking an internship with the Quality Improvement Team based in the Improvement Academy in Ninewells Hospital. The main driver for my internship was to help support me with the implementation of a project called Eat, Play, Learn Well (Learn Well) in Perth and Kinross (P&K). This is a project around community engagement within two areas of P&K (North Muirton and Pitcairn) to develop localised community healthy weight plans. The internship is for one day per week over 12 months and I am now half way through. It is really amazing how quickly the time has gone. My time has been varied and for the first three months I was also undertaking the Quality Improvement in Action module from the Dundee University’s Masters in Quality Improvement course.


This was a really interesting and informative course and I am glad to say that my 4500 word essay got a reasonable mark. Within the team I have an allocated mentor who has been great in supporting me with my learning objectives and with using Quality Improvement tools for the Learn Well project and other aspects of my job.

An important part of my objectives is to champion Quality Improvement within my current team and as a team we have been using PDSAs, process mapping and touching on some Lean Improvement methods. In the last six months of my internship I am looking forward to being out and about with the team shadowing them as they do their day to day work. I am hoping this will help with my confidence in using Improvement tools with my own team and in the future support other teams and services to use Quality Improvement for the benefit of their service and the patients."


Further information about the Internship programme can be provided by contacting Jackie McCallum, Teaching Lead.