QI Methodology

It had been widely acknowledged and evidenced in the literature over the last ten years that healthcare globally has not consistently offered high quality care.


This was evident in a number of well publicised cases of manifest failures in healthcare including the Investigation into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust  (2009and more recently the public enquiry into Mid Staffordshire, the Francis Report (2013).


The publication of NHS England’s  A Promise to learn-a commitment to act (2013) led by Don Berwick explores the reasons underlying these  failings and sets out recommendations for changes with quality of patient-care and safety of patients being the primary aim and focus.


He recommends that the NHS should:

“Give the people of the NHS career-long help to learn, master and apply modern methods for quality control, quality improvement and quality planning.”


NHS Tayside has travelled a considerable distance in developing a culture of continuous improvement over the last ten years.


One of the core improvement methodologies used in Tayside is the Model for Improvement / PDSA. Further information, resources and templates to support the use of the Model for Improvement are available here.


There are a huge amount of resources available to support the use of quality improvement approaches, tools and techniques. You can access those recommended by the Improvement Team here