The Model for Improvement

Although at first glance the Model for Improvement (Langley et al 1992) appears simple in its design, it is actually quite comprehensive in its ability to achieve changes. The model has three basic questions and an implementation tool which is the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle (PDSA) mentioned above. This tool, combined with the three questions, helps the user set the aims, set the measures and identify ideas for change. The key of PDSA is to test small changes rapidly to build knowledge through learning what works and what does not. It allows the user to test and refine in real time. A key mistake is to scale the PDSA up too quickly. For example, the idea is to test one patient within one ward/clinic with one doctor and then re-test quickly, building up to full scale implementation in small increments.   

PDSA Model

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Video clips - the Model for Improvement/PDSA


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