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Innovation in Health and Social Care

Innovation - what is it?

Understanding what we mean by innovation in health and social care is essential. Insert the word ‘innovation’ into ‘Google’ and you will come up with many definitions.  Our definition in AHSP is that innovation is a novel and substantive change which must achieve a positive outcome or impact – it must change something for the good in our pursuit of improved health and social care outcomes.

Innovation in health and social care can be the introduction of a new concept, idea, service, process, or product aimed at improving treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach, prevention and research, and with the long term goals of improving quality, safety, outcomes, efficiency and costs.

By its nature there is no finite list of how innovation presents itself. It must however always be a catalyst for growth, development, improvement and future success.

Our Goal

AHSP working in close collaboration with Scottish Health Innovations Limited (SHIL) aspires to support those delivering and receiving care across the health and social care domains in becoming ‘innovation active’ and in taking ideas forward. Our ambition is to drive a culture of innovation, creative thinking and problem solving and our goal is clear – to improve health outcomes and create jobs and wealth. We will do this by promoting the growth and adoption of innovation within health and social care. 

Wider landscape

There is an increasingly exciting landscape of innovation emerging across the Scottish health and social care domain.  AHSP, working with SHIL, will advise on how best to collaborate with colleagues across Scotland.


It is important to remember that innovation can range from small scale improvement to large scale transformative change.  It is all about achieving novel development and change for the better.

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