Views sought to help Transform Care after Cancer Treatment

28th August, 2015

Tayside people are being called on to share their feedback and opinion around the support they need after going through treatment for cancer. Cancer patients, carers and the general public are being invited to part in an online survey.

The survey is the start of a new pilot project in Tayside to support and enable people who are having, or have completed, cancer treatment. Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS Tayside are working in partnership to improve care after cancer treatment and the feedback and opinions will used to develop and enhance support services available to people in Tayside.

There will also be local Health and Wellbeing events taking place later in the year and any patients and carers who would like to receive more information on these or would like to help in shaping the project by becoming a patient representative are being encouraged to get in touch with the team.

Cancer affects every aspect of people’s lives, from emotionally to financially, and these problems don’t go away just because treatment has ended. Many patients don’t want to bother their busy clinical teams with worries or questions between hospital appointments and others simply don’t know where to go for support. For many their biggest worries aren’t medical at all, but are financial, emotional or practical. With the number of people living with cancer expected to almost double in just 15-years, the system must change to make sure cancer patients and their loved ones get the support they need.

Macmillan is spending £5m to fund the Transforming Care After Treatment (TCAT) programme, working in partnership with NHS Tayside, the Scottish Government, local authorities and patients. The Tayside TCAT project is one of many pilot projects taking place across the country.

Helen Dryden, NHS Tayside project lead said, “We know that for many people the impact of cancer diagnosis and treatment can be significant on their work, their relationships and their day to day activities. We want to develop services across NHS Tayside to ensure that from the time of diagnosis people are provided with relevant information and access to services that can help them feel in control and supported to live as normal a life as is possible.

“To allow us to do this we need to listen to and learn from people at all stages of their cancer journey so would urge as many people as possible to complete the online survey to ensure we know what we are doing well and what areas we need to develop and improve.”

Macmillan’s General Manager in Scotland, Janice Preston, said, “The number of people surviving cancer is increasing and that’s good news, however too many patients tell us they feel they’re left to cope alone after treatment ends. The current system wasn’t set up to support the huge numbers of people living with cancer and too often this means people don’t get the support they need, particularly when it comes to dealing with the emotional, practical and financial problems cancer can often leave behind.

“TCAT aims to change the way people are supported after their treatment ends, making sure they get the care that’s right for them and those around them. This partnership with NHS Tayside will allow us to work together to begin making improvements for people affected by cancer in Tayside.”

You can take part in the survey here

For more information on the events and becoming a patient representative please contact the TCAT project team at

The Tayside project is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support and supported by the Scottish Government, the NHS and local authorities.

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