Scores of new heart monitors delivered across Tayside

23rd February, 2015

NHS Tayside is delivering 95 state-of-the art electrocardiograph (ECG) machines to GP surgeries and community hospitals across Tayside to significantly enhance the delivery of cardiac diagnostic services.

Consultant Cardiologist Dr Douglas Elder has led the project that is delivering the ECG machines which will give instant access to patients’ ECGs (heart tracings) to all health professionals 24 /7 at the click of a mouse.

The project has been made possible by a grant of over £250,000 from Tayside Health Fund, the registered charity fund for NHS Tayside.

Dr Elder said, “The ECG is the most commonly undertaken test in assessment and management of patients with heart disease and critical medical decisions are often influenced by the ECG trace.

“Having these new machines and latest technology will allow potentially lifesaving decisions to be made quicker.

“When patients have ECGs at their GP surgeries, these traces are available to other health professionals instantly meaning that we can deliver a more convenient, safer and improved service.”

The system, developed by Dr Elder and NHS Tayside's innovative eHealth team, will deliver high-quality ECG support and cardiology results for patients across Tayside.

The machines will be replacing older versions which are planned to be donated through medical charities to third world countries in need of the equipment.

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