V&A Dundee Healthcare Design Event - 23 May 2020

Wednesday 11th March 2020

A 'Designs on Healthcare' event is being held at the V&A Dundee on Saturday 23rd of May from 10am - 2pm, hosted by Rodney Mountain, ENT Consultant, NHS Tayside.  The event is open to designers, care workers and patients and is free to attend.  Lunch will be provided.  

The event will look at:

  • How design is changing mindsets and the delivery of care
  • Why engagement, collaboration, craft and co-design matter
  • Examples of design in healthcare practice

Attendees will hear from:

  • Mike Press - Why design? An inspirational, provocative designer with a 'social twist'.
  • Andrew Crummy - The artist behind 'the great tapestry of Scotland'. Now designing 'the cancer tapestry'.
  • Jackie Malcolm and Vicki Tully - Authentic transdisciplinary practice. Healthcare challenges being solved by students.
  • Martha Andrews - A young designer's journey from DJCAD to international awards, now designing the new Dublin hospital.
  • Hazel White - Why 'service design' really matters to the NHS and to health and social care services.
  • Stuart Doig - How design can help improve outcomes for people with mental health problems in the criminal justice system. 
  • Linsey McIntosh and Gary Kennedy - Community co-design, the Roxburgh house palliative care and community garden projects.

 To find out more and register for the event please click here.