Our Research



Tayside Clinical Trials Unit supports high quality clinical research studies, including randomised clinical trials (feasibility and pilot trials that inform the development of phase III trials) and large epidemiological cohort studies. TCTU is the lead for the following clinical trials:


Clinical Trial of an Investigational Medicinal Product (CTIMP) Clinical Trials

: Investigating the best way to provide treatment for people infected with Hepatitis C virus (HepC).

: Assessing the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate in 300 older people with chronic kidney disease.

: Research to evaluate the use of dapagliflozin to improve heart muscle in patients with diabetes.

: Investigating risk/benefit ratio of inhaled corticosteroids in people with COPD with low eosinophilic counts.

: Leucine and ACE inhibitors as therapies for sarcopenia: a two by two factorial randomised placebo controlled trial.

: Examining the mechanism of inhaled corticosteroids associated with pneumonia in patients with COPD.

    STAKT: Assessing the short-term effects of an AKT inhibitor on biomarkers of the AKT pathway and anti-tumour activity in breast cancer.

: Value of inhaled treatment with Aztreonam lysine in bronchiectasi.



Clinical Trials (Non CTIMP)

: Study about which wire used in fixed braces moves the teeth quicker and leads to shorter treatment.

: Largest randomised trial conducted using biomarkers for early detection of lung cancer, in over 12,000 Scottish high-risk smokers.

: Evaluating the population impact of Hepatitis C direct-acting antiviral treatment as prevention for people who inject drugs.

: Evaluating treatment as prevention among people who inject drugs in Dundee for HCV.

    K4KIDNEYS: Vitamin K therapy to improve vascular health in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.

    K-SWAY: Vitamin K supplementation to improve balance in older people – and reduce the risk of falls.

    MTAK: Microwave therapy for treatment of precancerous actinic keratoses.

    MULTIPROS: Multiparametric MRI characterisation and guided biopsy of the prostate in men suspected of having prostate cancer.

    PACT: Online trial examining if prescribing asthma controller medication according to genotype improves quality of life in young people with asthma.

    RAINDROP: Randomised controlled pilot to identify people with iron deficiency who do not respond to oral iron supplementation.

    REACHReaching methadone-users attending community pharmacies with HCV.

    SUPERDOT-C: Pharmacy-led HCV therapy versus conventional treatment pathways for HCV positive patients receiving daily OST.