Collaborate with TCTU



Timelines: We recommend you contact us as early as possible when seeking grant funding as this enables a collaborative approach and allows us to identify all resources to be included at the grant application stage. This ensures you have access to the expertise available within TCTU.


Initial contact: Download our COLLABORATION FORM  Once completed, send the collaboration form to You can also send any other documents/information which may be useful to us in understanding your trial and your needs, such as the draft grant application or protocol, trial matrix etc.

You will be contacted by a member of our Senior Management Team at the earliest opportunity to discuss the potential trial and to arrange a collaboration meeting.

Collaboration meeting: The aim of this meeting is to obtain the key information we need to agree the most appropriate type of TCTU support required and to inform budget preparation. Example discussion areas:

  • Confirmation of funder and submission deadlines
  • TCTU role and responsibilities
  • TCTU resource required
  • Involvement of other stakeholders: Sponsor, TASC involvement (NHS, Clinical Research Centre, Tissue Bank, HIC etc.)
  • Project and trial timelines
  • Trial design and methodology
  • Feasibility
  • Patient pathway

As part of this collaborative approach, TCTU will review your application to ensure:

  • There is a requirement for the involvement of TCTU
  • There is sufficient capacity and resource within the TCTU
  • The trial fits with TCTU’s activity
  • There is appropriate expertise and experience in the trial team


If the outcome of the collaboration meeting is for us to support your application, TCTU will work with you to prepare the full submission and budget. 


Funding approved: On receipt of the grant award, TCTU will formally agree funding, timelines and deliverables with you as applicable to the grant award specifications. A Statement of Support will be put in place before TCTU commences work on the trial.