TCTU Support Services

TCTU can offer assistance in the development and running of randomised controlled clinical trials.  The first step is to contact TCTU to discuss your initial research concept or potential protocol (

TCTU offers specific advice and expertise in:

  Study design: recruitment strategy, sample size
  Trial Documentation: Protocol review, patient information sheets, case report forms
  Data Management: capture, storage, transfer, cleaning, independent data monitoring
  Statistical: design and interim and final analysis
  Approvals: ethical, regulatory and local governance
  Contractual management: provision of services, supply of medicinal product, academic collaboration
  Trial Management and Co-ordination: working with sites, processing amendments, establishing trial committees
  Funding: identification of potential funding sources and input to funding application
  Training and Mentoring: overarching and bespoke training and mentoring for clinical researchers, trial managers, co-ordinators and research nurses

Monitoring and Pharmacovigilence are carried out as part of the close collaboration with NHS Tayside under TASC.

Contact TCTU to access any of the above services or for general advice on randomised controlled clinical trials (