Tayside Clinical Research Forum

(Formally Research Nurse/Co-ordinators Forum)

This year the Forum has changed its name to the 'Tayside Clinical Research Forum' to highlight and encourage membership from all research areas and to ensure that it is clear that the group is open to all personnel involved in clinical research in Tayside.

The Research Nurses/Co-ordinators Forum was formed in 2003 at Ninewells Hospital by a small group of research nurses and Allied Health Professionals in response to the EU Directive on The Medicines For Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations May 2004. The main aim of the Directive is to simplify and harmonise the administrative provisions governing clinical trials on medicinal products for human use, by establishing a clear, transparent procedure and creating conditions conducive to the effective co-ordination of such clinical trials in the European Community. Overall, the Directive aims to provide an environment for conducting clinical research that protects participants without hampering the discovery of new essential medicines. ‘The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations came into force on 1 May 2004.

The Steering Committee was formed to organise the Tayside Clinical Research Forum and the objective has been to promote a research culture in nursing, midwifery and allied health professionals.  The principle objectives in 2003 remain today to enhance the 'peer support' amongst clinical research staff at NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee who often work in isolation.

Peer Support has been achieved by promoting Research and Development activities in the following areas:
• Provide a forum to gain access to others involved in research
• Plan networking activities to share and celebrate good clinical practice and nursing achievements in R&D
• Encourage active involvement in research
• Share activities and achievements more widely
• Assist in the support of nurses involved in research
• Encourage development of relevant professional issues
• Promote development of consistent research practice
• Facilitate professional development/training opportunities
• Raise any issues and concerns relating to research and identify means of addressing such issues

The Steering committee plan the training and study forum at least once a year.

The Steering Committee meets 3-4 times a year, usually over lunch, with increased activity around the forum date.

We always encourage new committee members to join us and we are particularly keen to invite AHPs and other clinical research staff along to ensure that our group mirror the members attending the forums.

So far, the topics of the previous forums have covered a wide range of topics including:

Research Governance
Research Methodologies
Research for Health
Recruitment/Retention of Patients in Research

All topics chosen are the result of requests from clinical research staff employed locally. Average attendance at each forum has been in excess of 60 delegates. It is free to register and all who attend are issued a certificate of attendance.

The Forums are an excellent opportunity to network and learn about what is happening in respect to clinical research in NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee.

We have strong links with Scottish Research Nurse Coordinators Network (SRNCN) and the Scottish Diabetes Research Network.

For any further information on the forum or if you are interested in joining the steering committee please contact Bridget Shepherd at the Diabetes Support Unit Tel 660111 ext 36326, direct line 496326.

The next Tayside Clinical Research Network Forum meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 20th October 2010 9-12am at the seminar room at TASC in Ninewells Hospital. The theme is patient and public involvement in research.  Click here to download Registration form and Agenda. It is open to all members of staff involved in or interested in clinical research. Registration for the above forum on the 20th October is now closed

The next national conference of the SRNCN is in Apex Hotel in Dundee on Friday 28th January 20101

The focus for the SRNCN Conference 2010 will be on Ethics and Governance in the field of clinical research.