For Researchers

TASC supports clinical research that involves humans, their tissue, NHS data or other NHS resource such as clinical support services (eg biochemistry, haematology) or facilities (eg consulting rooms).

This may include NHS patients or their carers, NHS staff or NHS funded staff.

The research may require access to human biological samples or patient data.

To help researchers navigate through the setting up and management of clinical research we have provided tools that include

Please click here for the  TASC Process Map

Please click here for the  Route Map

The TASC Process 1-page map demonstrates the steps required from initial idea to R&D approval for any type of clinical research.

The Route Map is based on the NIHR Clinical Trials Tool Kit and provides a guide for the many steps that are required to successful complete a clinical study. Each step contains local information with relevant TASC documents (e.g. SOPs and Policies) and key contacts.