UK Clinical Research Facility Open day

Friday 20th May 2011

In conjunction with the UKCRF (UK Clinical Research Facility), We are hosting an open day on the Friday, 20th May from 10:00 - 14:00.

The UKCRF Network would like to extend an open invitation to all CRFs, BRCs, BRUs and other experimental medicine facilities to open your doors to the public for our third CRF Open Day.
The nationwide Open Day is designed to be informative, educational and most of all enjoyable. By taking part, you will help to raise the profile of clinical and experimental medicine research facilities and work undertaken by them.
In 2010, nine centres took part from around the UK inviting members of the public, local comprehensives and Universities to tour their facilities, listen to presentations by staff and take part in activities. Feedback from visitors was extremely positive with many expressing an interest to take part in this years event.
Can you please confirm that you would be interested in taking part? It is an excellent opportunity
for local residents and school children to find out more about clinical research and how to get involved in studies.
Please click here for UK CRF Network Newsletter for your information.