TayPEOLC Projects

The Network is engaged in supporting a number of palliative & end of life care projects in Tayside.

These include:

Healthcare Improvemnet Scotland and Living Well in Communities QI Project

Dundee City: PEOLC and Dementia

Macmillan Building on the Best Programme

Shared decision-making in the acute setting

Perth & Kinross Specilist Palliative Care Services Education Project

23 month palliative care education project. The project team will take an integrated and collaborative approach, to support the development of a health and social care services workforce in Perth and Kinross who are knowledgeable and skilled in the provision of palliative and end of life care. 

Project Update for Stakeholders October 2018 (1).docx

Project Update for Stakeholders February 2019.pdf

Project ECHO Palliative Care in P&K.docx

Palliative Care Plan for Angus Health & Social Care Patnership 

A year long project to develop a plan for palliative care the the people of Angus led by the Senior Nurse for Palliative Care and a Steering Group with key stakeholders.