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Dissertation - Catriona Grant - April 2019 - 'A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding the Feasibility of the Integrated Palliative Care Outcome Scale (IPOS) in Two Palliative Care Settings'

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Macmillan Professional Excellence Award 2018 - Service Improvement - Lesley Taylor NHS Tayside

Lesley Taylor Macmillan Advanced Specialist Nurse in Oncology was awarded a prestigious Macmillan Excellence Award in Service Improvement at the National Macmillan Professionals Conference and Annual Award Ceremony in Birmingham on Thursday 8th November 2018. 

With over 68 individual and team nominees in four categories, Lesley was short-listed to attend the ceremony where the winners in each of the categories were announced. Lesley was nominated as a result of her service improvement in oncology follow-up. This was a co-designed project with patients and carers to create a shared model of follow-up care in conjunction with the oncology consultants; aimed at meeting the patient identified needs in the more accessible relaxed environment of the Crescent Whitfield Dundee whilst ensuring safe effective follow-up care. The redesign started with patients undergoing oncology intervention for head and neck cancer and has expanded to include those patients following treatment for prostate and colorectal cancer. It is anticipated that this model can be used for each of the cancer patient groups and can be replicated in other facilities across Tayside to provide this service closer to home. 

Under Lesley's leadership, Allied Health Professional colleagues and volunteers from Tayside Cancer Support have been instrumental to the success of the Oncology Wellbeing Clinic which has demonstrated improvement in recovery outcomes for patients. Please see the link below for more details:

  •  'Recognising when CPR won't work: an audit of clinical practice in NHS Tayside'

            Allie Ramsay, C Douglas - audit of repeat DNA CPR audit 2018 (1).pdf 

  • 'Did we make a difference? A Re-Audit of DNACPR Policy in NHS Tayside'

           Poster 2 - DNA CPR repeat audit.pdf

  • WHO 2018 Practice Brief for Continuity and Coordination of Care - information to support implementation of the WHO Framework on integrated people-centred health services (2018). This practice brief addresses the relatively ill-defined, under-researched concepts of continuity and care coordination WHO practice brief on continuity and coordination of care (2) (1).pdf
  • Sasha Murdoch's award winning essay 'How can patients and carers' experiences shape services? Awarded 1st Place in the George Adams Prize, Royal Society of Medicine, May 2018   George Adams Competition.pdf
  • Renal Supportive Care Service for patients with advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) who were being managed without dialysis (conservatively)   abstract for UK kidney week 2018.pdf
  • The impact of an integrated Renal Supportive Care Service on Symptom Burden, Advanced Care Planning and Place of Death for patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease managed without dialysis   poster for APM conference 2018.pptx
  • International Centre for Integrated Care - A global centre of excellence in education, knowledge translation, action research and system coaching on leading people-centred integrated care and support. Hosted by the University of the West of Scotland (UWS)
  • As part of Good Death Week (May 2018) the Ninewells Palliative Care Team hosted an exhibition 'It Takes A Village' in the hospital for staff and visitors which explores the idea that as peoples health deteriorates care and support comes in many guises. 

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‚Äč'What does it take to deliver brilliant home-based palliative care? Using positive organisational scholarship and video reflexive ethnography to explore the complexities of palliative care at home', Aileen Collier, Palliative Medicine 2019, Vol. 33(1) 91–101

What does it take to deliver brilliant home-based pall. care.pdf

Who lives in Scotland's care homes? Descrptive analysis using routinely collected social care data 2012-2016, Burton J.K et al, J R Coll Physicians Edinb 2019; 49: 12–22

Who Lives in Scotland's Care Homes - jrcpe_49_1_burton (1).pdf