TayPEOLC MCN Upcoming Events & Presentations from Recent Events

Upcoming MCN Events:

1st May 2019 2.00 -5.00pm, Annual TayPEOLC MCN Network & Engagement Event, Invercarse Hotel, Dundee - 'Compassion in Practice'.

At the first TayPEOLC MCN engagement event in 2018 delegates were asked:

"What does palliative care mean to you?"

'Compassion' stands clearly out in responses given.  We would now like to explore what this means in practical terms for us all as individuals, partners, patients, citizens, groups, our communities and organisations.  This event will seek to engage us all around this theme.

Join us as we explore the idea of 'Compassion in Practice' together.  Members of the public, health and social care professionals, colleagues from the voluntary and independent sectors and all levels of education are welcome.

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Compassion in Practice - Programme v0.4.pdf


Presentations from Past Events: 

Living and Dying with Dementia: 23/3/18

Spinal Analgesia: 17/4/18

Palliative Care in Prisons 09/05/18

TayPEOLC Network & Engagement Event 310818 - All Presentations.pptx

TayPEOLC Network Event 310818 - Discussion Session Report.pdf


Perspectives in Palliative Care - Non Cancer Care Workshop 25/2/19 

Respiratory.pptx : Neil Lonie

TayPEOLC MCN Presentation Parkinson's.pptx : Lorna Gillies

TayPEOLC MCN MND Presentation.pptx : Carolyn Webber/Gillian Craig

frailty and perspectives in pall care.pptx : Jacqueline Thomson

25th FEB LD presentation.ppt : Karen Laing

Feb 2019 - opening talk for non-cancer subgroup TayPEOLC MCN.pptx - Claire Douglas