TayPEOLC MCN Presentations from Recent PEOLC Events


TayPEOLC MCN Network & Engagement Event - Compassion in Practice- 1st May 2019

TayPEOLC MCN Presentation .pptx - Graham Kramer

2- Compassion in Practice- Patrick.pptx - Patrick Sullivan

3- Care Opinion - Andrew.pptx - Andrew Cassidy 

1- Compassionate Leadership - Grant Archibald.pptx - Grant Archibald

Values Based Reflective Practice PEOLC MCN-2.pptx - David Gordon

Values Based Reflective Practice Tools.pptx


Network & Engagement Event 2019 report

TayPEOLC MCN Network and Engagement Event (2019) Report.pdf


Presentations from Past Events: 

Living and Dying with Dementia 23.03.18.pptx

Spinal Analgesia 17.04.18.pptx


Palliative Care in Prisons 09.05.09.pptx

Palliative Care in Prisons - References and Interesting Reading (1).docx

Providing hospice care for prisoners April 2018 - Tayside (4).pptx


TayPEOLC Network & Engagement Event 310818 - All Presentations.pptx

TayPEOLC Network Event 310818 - Discussion Session Report.pdf


Perspectives in Palliative Care - Non Cancer Care Workshop 25th Feb 2019 

Respiratory.pptx : Neil Lonie

TayPEOLC MCN Presentation Parkinson's.pptx : Lorna Gillies

TayPEOLC MCN MND Presentation.pptx : Carolyn Webber/Gillian Craig

frailty and perspectives in pall care.pptx : Jacqueline Thomson

25th FEB LD presentation.ppt : Karen Laing

Feb 2019 - opening talk for non-cancer subgroup TayPEOLC MCN.pptx - Claire Douglas

TayPEOLC MCN PresentationAnonaCranston.pptx - Anona Cranston

palliative care non cancer final.pptx - Trudy McLeay

mnd story palliative care.docx - Trudy McLeay

PEOLC in Dementia for MCN Presentation to share.pptx - Katharine Thompson