TQuIP ~ Tayside's Quality Improvement Programme



Applications for cohorts 3 will close on 30th April 2019. 


This Executively led programme is designed to support staff in Tayside to work with their colleagues to coalesce around an improvement challenge being experienced in their Service.


Applicants with the support of their senior leaders, should organise themselves into small improvement teams whose membership can positively influence and impact on their identified improvement challenge. It is expected that teams will include 3 – 6 members which may be drawn from across health and social care and include both clinical and non-clinical staff. Improvement teams are likely to go beyond the teams that applicants normally associate themselves with, providing an opportunity to work in partnership across organisational, professional and departmental boundaries.


This is a practitioner level programme and all applicants should therefore have foundation level knowledge of improvement prior to commencing the programme such as completion of relevant e-learning modules and / or experience of quality improvement work. Participants will be signposted to relevent e-learning modules which will require to be completed in advance of workshop sessions. 


This programme is available free to all participants.


This programme will draw on a range of theories and techniques to inform how we support services, teams and individuals through a journey of learning and improvement.


The programme aims to support participants to achieve the following: 

  • Develop an understanding of workplace cultures and climates and how these can be positively influenced
  • Understand evaluation processes within the current system and the problems and or opportunities for improvement which exist locally
  • Design changes to deliver desired improvement, clearly identifying the theory of change
  • Facilitate change in practice with a focus on testing
  • Determine whether change led to an improvement and if so what was it about the change that resulted in an improvement and repeat cycles of testing in light of that understanding
  • Embed and sustain successful change
  • Spread the learning beyond the area of initial focus


What teams can expect from the programme: 

  • An opportunity to access learning and support to focus on an improvement challenge important to the team
  • Content designed and delivered by qualified and experienced local Improvers
  • Six full day workshops delivered over 8 months
  • An allocated mentor who will offer the team coaching for improvement for up to 1 hour every two weeks
  • Alignment with professional CPD and revalidation needs
  • A celebration event in recognition of the efforts of the team


 What we expect from team members: 

  • Fully engage with the learning and development opportunity provided by the programme through active participation in all six workshops and with the associated pre and post workshop learning activities. 
  • Work collaboratively within the team and with identified stakeholders to facilitate improvements to practice. 
  • Use quality improvement approaches and tools to make improvements to the challenge identified by the team. 
  • Protected time between the workshops to further enhance learning and progress improvement projects. The time required between workshops by individual teams will vary depending on the scale of their improvement work, however participants should expect to spend in excess of 8 hours each between workshops working individually, as a team and with their mentors.
  • Submit and present a final report at the end of the programme 
  • Incorporate improvement principles and practices into daily work with a commitment to ongoing support of improvement locally


What is expected of sponsoring senior leaders: 

  • Support the development of appropriate teams around improvement challenges
  • Engage in dialogue with teams to align improvement efforts to organisational / directorate priorities
  • Allocate resource and effort to support the efforts of teams including enabling protected time to progress learning and improvement projects between the workshops
  • Troubleshoot, strategise and take action around general issues/restraining forces within the improvement work
  • Champion QI through words and actions
  • Attend start up and celebration events
  • Lead the scale-up of improvement work
  • Celebrate, share and learn from the improvement work with teams


Planned Cohorts of TQuIP

Three cohorts of TQuIP are planned. The workshop days for these are as follows: 


Cohort 3 - applications close 30/4/19 Cohort 4 - applications close 12/2/20
  1. Wed 10th July 2019
  2. Wed 4th September 2019
  3. Wed 16th October 2019
  4. Tues 26th November 2019
  5. Wed 22nd January 2020
  6. Wed 4th March 2020

 Dates to be decided.


Please click on the file below to download a Programme Flyer.

TQuIP Programme Flyer.pdf


Application forms must be approved by the line managers of individual team members and the team's sponsoring senior leader – please allow sufficient time to have the teams application form signed by the relevant managers and senior leader.


Please click on the file below to download a team application form. 


TQuIP Team Application Form.docx


This should be completed in full, including all relevant signatures and emailed to


Why not take inspiration from some of our TQuIP Cohort One Teams:    



 ED-AMU Interface Team - Final Report.docx     




ACP Champions Team - Final Report.docx


Waste Busters Team- Final Report.doc




DOT Change Team - Final Report.docx





If you have any questions about the programme or to discuss further with Jackie McCallum, TQuIP Programme Lead please contact the Improvement Academy at