Useful Links

Scottish Health Innovations Ltd. (SHIL)

  • SHIL works in partnership with NHS Scotland to identify, protect, develop and commercialise new ideas and innovations from healthcare professionals.




Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE)

  • Funded by both SE and SFC, the organisation aims to motivate and churn out the next generation of entrepreneurs in Scotland.

  • SIE runs networking events, competitions and also provide 1-2-1 business support through their regional business advisors.

  • They support undergraduate students and graduates 2 years post-graduation.


Young Enterprise (students)

  • A charity that equips students aged 5-30 with entrepreneurial skills. They run a number of programmes that allow students to run a business for a number of months in order to allow them to gain various skills.




Enterprise campus (postgraduates)

  • Support students that want to start a business in Scotland.

  • They give business plan feedback, IP support and run events and business clinics.




Royal Society of Edinburgh - RSE personal research fellowship

  • “Aims to provide outstanding researchers, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, with the opportunity to build an independent research career.”

  • It’s open to researchers with 2-6 years postdoc experience in a number of fields including medical and biological disciplines.

  • A number of funds are available to reflect the salary that the individual could be making. It ranges from £25,000-£46,000, however other support funds are available.

  • RSE will help individuals with IP and patenting.


Scottish Enterprise: SMART SCOTLAND

  • Provides grants to SME’s based in Scotland. The purpose of the grant is to provide the business with support to undertake research and development projects that have a commercial output.

  • Projects must last between 6-36 months and the maximum grant available is £600,000 but individual companies have to demonstrate financial input from other sources.




Scotland can do SCALE

  • Funded by SE, HIE, SFC.

  • One of a kind programme that runs in partnership with MIT (Bill Aulet) and  Noam Wasserman (previously at Harvard, now USC).

  • The programme is based on the book ‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’ which is delivered through the online course as well as the 5 day residential summer school which has taken place in Stirling each year since its inception in 2015.



  • Social Enterprise that promotes entrepreneurship by providing support to business leaders and entrepreneurs.

  • They run an accelerator programme which supports start up or scale businesses.

  • They offer entrepreneurs with a hub that they can work in and go through the processes of a starting a business.


Business gateway

  • Offer a variety of business support in terms of writing a business plan, market research and protecting your intellectual property.


Scottish Enterprise

  • Scotland’s main economic development agency and they focus on creating sustainable economic growth in the country.

  • Offer a number of support, financially as well as through Account Managers.

  • They also offer a lot of advice regarding IP and patents.


Entrepreneurial spark

  • They offer an accelerator programme for people looking to either start a business or are looking to expand. The programme lasts for 6 months and is open to all businesses at any stage of growth.

  • They provide a lot of materials; computers, software, broadband, desks, phones and mentors that provide support regarding IP and patenting.

  • Hubs are available in Edinburgh and Glasgow - applications are currently open.


Scottish Funding Council   

Innovation Centres

  • Run Innovation Centres that help both small and large businesses increase their pace on innovation.

  • They collaborate with 8 organisations, more relevantly; the Digital Health and Care Institute, IBioIc, The Data Lab and Stratified Medicine.


Scottish Edge

Scottish Edge was launched to offer support to motivated entrepreneurs that are looking for practical support as well as funding.

  • Higgs Edge - aimed at entrepreneurs that have a business that is using cutting edge technology within the following sectors: science, technology and engineering. The company has the chance of winning an award of up to £150,000.

  • Wild Card Edge - special category award given to a business with a WOW factor.

  • Young Edge - competition which offers the chance to win up to £10,000 and it is aimed at entrepreneurs aged 18-30 years old.


Bright Idea Scotland

  • Help Scotland based inventors identify and confirm the commercial potential of their ideas.

  • Help with non-legal advice such as patents, licencing and trade-marks.

  • They also have an Inventor’s checklist to help individuals and businesses have a general idea of what apply for patenting requires.

  • It is generally the first point of contact with people that have an idea.



  • Individuals and businesses can apply for a patent on their website.

  • Great website for finding out basic information for starting a business.


Centre of Entrepreneurship Dundee

Venture 2017

  • “Venture 2017 is an exciting £25k new business idea competition for University of Dundee Students, Staff and Recent Alumni (graduated last 2 years) with 6 prize fund categories.”


Established professionals


Entrepreneurial Scotland

Saltire Fellowship (all)

  • For people that are looking to get more from their careers and are looking to learn more from international business leaders.

  • Individuals applying must be ambitious and generally have a great work history.

  • Individuals on the programme will have the chance to spend time in Babson College, Boston for 8 weeks and a chance to spend time in Silicon Valley with Entrepreneurs and investors.