Strategic Partnering with Medtronic


The industry facing activities of AHSP have led to the signing of a Strategic Partnership Agreement between Tayside Health Board, the University of Dundee and Medtronic which is one of the world’s largest medical technology companies. Signature of the Agreement is an exciting development and is paving the way for formal project collaboration and joint strategic planning initially in the areas of surgical and clinical skills training, informatics and product testing and development. A Joint Strategic Planning Group has been established which sets the overall strategy and direction of travel of the partnership, and is guiding and promoting collaborative dialogue.

The partnership aims to create a dynamic, evolving and strategically-guided bridging mechanism that will ultimately promote high-quality education, training and patient care through communication and collaboration between Medtronic, the University, NHS Tayside staff and multiple stakeholders. Importantly the partnership will provide a translational outlet for the work of University and NHS staff and will ensure that discussions are informed of the challenges facing the parties, including the wider healthcare products industry. This will provide the opportunity to focus on the most important questions and for dialogue centred on possible solutions.

"For Medtronic, developing trusted partnerships with world class institutions is an important element of our work.  I have been impressed with what Dundee has to offer and I look forward to working in partnership with them across our areas of mutual interest with a view to improve patient outcomes."

Jackie Fielding, Vice President, Medtronic UK & Ireland

"This is a partnership which combines the best of academic excellence with industry innovation.  We offer a unique set of training and development opportunities and working with Medtronic will enhance that and enable us to reach an ever wider audience around the world."

Professor Gary Mires, Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Dundee