AHSP Strategy

AHSP underpins the vision and strategies of the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside.

University of Dundee

"Transform lives locally and globally through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge"

NHS Tayside

"Working with you for better health and better care"


AHSP Five Year Strategic Plan outlines the ways AHSP will achieve an increase in clinical innovation, high quality patient care and a transformation in the working practices of NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee.

 AHSP Five Year Strategic Plan



 Strategy for Internationalising Healthcare Delivery

Tayside NHS Board has approved a Strategy for Internationalising Healthcare Delivery. Produced by the Academic Health Science Partnership in Tayside (AHSP) working in collaboration with Healthcare UK this is the first strategy of its type for an NHS Board in Scotland. Recognising healthcare excellence in Tayside and that ‘brand NHS’ is amongst the best in the world, the purpose of the strategy is to address healthcare training and development needs in emerging and developing nations while furthering improving patient care within Tayside. 

  NHS Tayside Strategy for Internationalising Healthcare Delivery